Pavel Plastikk

Pavel’s a seasoned party DJ, known for running Kyiv’s acclaimed and longstanding club night LOW Party. He’s also demonstrated his deep and eclectic taste, contributing blissed out listening sessions to Test Pressing, Noncollective, NIMH and The Growing Bin. And now for Sanpo, he’s crafted this reflective mix, full of ambient gems and mellow pop… perfect for listening in headphones!

He explained it beautifully here:

“Actually it’s not a mix, rather a compilation. Or selection. And it’s not about those expensive records you want to stuff a set with to show your possible “digging skills”. It’s clear and simple story about ourselves, our lives, our regrets, our promises and our hopes. I would recommend to listen to it alone while thinking about people we’ve lost in the past, feelings we have now and the bright ideas we want to bring soon in our future. Dedicated to the bright memory of O.K.


(Photo – Andrew Brown)