Jex Opolis

Jex Opolis is an NYC-based musician and DJ hailing from Toronto. Since early 2013, Jex has been independently pressing his own melodic and funk-driven house tracks via his label Good Timin’. In more recent times, he’s also released an EP on Gerd Janson’s Running Back and formed Conga Radio, a collaboration with Roberto – an early guest on Sanpo (Sanpo 009 to be precise!).

Regarding this mix, he writes, “I mixed this thing live in one take (warts and all) the other night in Brooklyn as the Brexit results came in. Saddened by the results, the mix turned into a love letter to “Europe” of sorts.

A voice from behind the Iron Curtain starts things off before we head to steamier, Mediterranean vibes—with stops in northern Italy, Denmark, Poland, Germany, France and of course, the UK.”