Chee Shimizu – Reflection Waves

Chee has a wealth of musical knowledge which he puts to good use through various projects. Firstly, he runs Organic Music, an online shop stocking an extensive collection of used records across genres. He released Obscure Sound, a book documenting and showcasing the sleeves of over 500 rare records. He’s partnered with HMV to form Japanism, a sub-label which specialises in reissuing Japanese music, from Aragon’s 1985 lone album to a Better Days retrospective compilation. Last year his label 17853, also released a five track EP, which invited artists like Jordan CGZ to remix songs from Miyako Koda’s 1998 album Jupiter. Not to mention Chee’s pivotal role in the group Discossession, whose cosmic dance releases from the late-2000s are now seminal.  

Chee’s mixes are always something special. The oceanic mood of this one is inspired by his recent trip to Okinawa, located at the southernmost point of Japan.