An amazing mix has arrived from Bézier, a founding member of the San Francisco-based DJ collective Honey Soundsystem. Bézier’s ‘Native Lover’ mix premiered on Beats in Space in 2014, featuring music produced in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan between 1977 and 1984. This is his follow-up featuring music exclusively from Japan.

Here’s an in-depth description from the man himself:

This mix is a cityscape of genres in Japan that span from post-punk to minimal synth to techno-pop. The majority of these records were picked up when I travelled to Osaka last Winter. I went about processing these songs and making miniature edits around them to tailor the tracks toward a dance floor oriented feel.

The introductory mega-mix reflects the diverse musical preferences of the Japanese and sort of mimics the tuning of radio frequencies as one tries to find the right station and genre. I included a sample in there from the first cassette tape I bought when I was 10 years old, visiting my aunt in Tokyo with my mother, by the band 光Genji. I sort of blocked that bit of memory out for a long time because who wants to admit their first cassette was by a boy band who danced around in roller skates with their bare chests exposed?  

A lot of this music centers around 80s music like Chiemi Manabe, Taeko Ohnuki, Portray Heads, Morio Agata or G. Schmitt. At some point in the mix there is a duel between two pop singers Akina Nakamori and Seiko Matsuda who were kind of pitted as rivals by the media at the time. You have one singer who made a very conceptual yet lo-fi pop record (Makamori’s Fushigi) while the other made only straight-forward, sugary-coated dance tracks (Matsuda’s Strawberry Time).

The mix also includes contemporary producers like Jin Cromanyon who is making minimal, synth pop and Mori-Ra with his edit of Yon Seok Won’s – The Mermaid to make a subtle Japanese-Korean link in the mix. As you can tell, the range in music here is pretty varied but interconnected. Lastly, more importantly, I simply love listening to songs sung in Japanese!


  1. Morio Agata – コックテイル·マシーン
  2. g. schmitt – no. 6
  3. Yumi Murata – 落椿~らくちん~ (edit)
  4. 光GENJI – ガラスの十代
  5. Chiemi Manabe – ねらわれた少女
  6. Tetsuji Hayashi Starring Momoko Kikuchi – テラ戦士~チェイス~
  7. Chiemi Manabe – 不思議·少女
  8. Tetsuji Hayashi Starring Momoko Kikuchi – 悲しみのエスパーたち~フレイムへの挑戦~
  9. Taeko Ohnuki – Le Courant de Mecontentment
  10. Portray Heads – Elaborate Dummy
  11. Daisuck & Prostitute – m.u.r.a.
  12. g. schmitt – bulerias
  13. Morio Agata – サブマリン
  14. Zelda – ミラージュ·ラヴァー
  15. Jin Cromanyon – Pulse Beat
  16. Akiko Yano – I Sing (edit)
  17. Mori-Ra – Mermaid
  18. Akina Nakamori – Mushroom Dance
  19. Seiko – Matsuda – 妖しいニュアンス (edit)
  20. Portray Heads – Watch Your Scope
  21. Yoran – Tagalong
  22. Sculla – Phantom of Coast
  23. Shun – Shun II
  24. Surrealistic Men – Distant Jesture