Sanpo Disco is a Melbourne-based mix series that became a 2 hour radio segment airing on NTS once a month. It began in 2015 as a platform for sharing mixes from DJs, musicians and friends living in Australia and overseas. The Japanese word Sanpo means stroll and was chosen to reflect my interest in walking for pleasure, a past time that evolved while I was studying at Osaka University 8 years ago. Conceptually the series reflects my interest in the way portable audio devices have transformed our approach to listening to music. Each contributor is asked to provide a soundtrack for listening in transit. Perhaps due to the insular nature of listening in headphones while moving, the mixes are deeply personal, often calming and traverse numerous genres seamlessly. The mixes also regularly pertain to the cultural perspectives and inner worlds of the people making them.

I’d like to send special thanks to Yusuke Murakami and Patrice Wrex for web design and coding, Eloise Grills for providing numerous photographs used as mix artwork, and Bayu Aditya and Becky Sui Zhen for providing ongoing advice and support concerning this project. And thank you for listening! I hope you can enjoy the series and NTS episodes 🙂

~ Rowan 

For further information, mix enquiries and DJ bookings please contact – rowanjm@protonmail.com