Len Leise – Subtle Bodies

You may’ve noticed a new mix go up from Len Leise earlier in the week. It’s his second in the series. Originally gifted to local incense specialists Subtle Bodies for private listening, now it’s available here for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a little explanation from Len himself:

“Since I first started collecting records i’ve had a passion for supporting Australian music and finding it in whatever forms wherever I could. Over the last ten years or so i’ve kept aside particular Australian (and some New Zealand) records that I found truly beautiful. So when Subtle Bodies said I should use one of their scents as inspiration for a mix, naturally I thought their Australian Sandalwood scent warrants an all Australian mix. This is a snapshot of some of those records. Personal favourites, some rare, some not. And here i’m happy to share them with you.”

Photo – Eloise Grills